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My passion is helping women make the changes that will truly move them forward in life.  To get to where you want to be, you need to be clear about where you currently are.  Working together, we'll get to the root of what may be holding you back so that you can shift your thinking and your perspective to one of empowerment and confidence!

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Coaching is one of the most transformational tools that you can use to move your life in the direction that you want.  With a coach by your side, you'll not only have the support and encouragement, but the accountability that you need to stay the course.  Making changes in your life is a process.  And as your coach, I'll be with you every step of the way.  Come find out more!

Why? Because I love helping women achieve their goals and live the life they were meant to live.

Hey there, my name is Cindy & I'm excited to be your coach!

Cindy has been chosen as a top Confidence Coach

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“The growth and discoveries I’ve made about myself during my coaching sessions with Cindy have been remarkable and have inspired and clarified my forward motion toward my next career.”

As a semi-retired, empty nester, I’ve been struggling to determine my next chapter in life. But with the gentle and insightful guidance of Cindy, I am moving toward my exciting future one step at a time, without the fear that undermined me or the self-criticism that discouraged me!


“Cindy’s calm, patient, intuitive approach creates a safe space to be your authentic self, let go of the fear that is holding you back, and put your new found CONFIDENCE to work!”

Cindy is there for you every step of the way to ensure that you have the mindset skills to achieve any goal you’ve come to her to accomplish. I always leave my time with Cindy feeling energized with a sense of clarity and confidence that I can conquer the world!

Suzanne, LPC & owner of Living Well with Suzanne Rodgers

“I have struggled with confidence since I can remember, and it was holding me back.”

Cindy helped me get to the root of where it started and gave me tools to work through it. It was a huge discovery that helped me overcome a lot. She also helped me work on stopping negative thoughts. I use the tools she’s given me to make improvements daily. Cindy’s kind and understanding attitude make it easier to be open and get to the bottom of my issues.  I highly recommend Cindy to anyone!

Jill, Jewelry designer

“I love Cindy’s coaching style - authentic, honest, engaging, and welcoming!”

Through Cindy’s coaching, I’ve learned to recognize the automatic negative thoughts that pop in, not taking them in, and reframing them, all through the mindset tools and exercises we’ve worked through in our sessions. Cindy’s work is an extension of her personality as an educator and servant leader. If you’re looking for coaching - run, don’t walk to work with Cindy!

Amy, Senior director

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