After a very fulfilling career as an elementary teacher for 30 years, I knew I wanted to continue to guide and serve others. Life coaching was the perfect next step in life.

I’m Cindy, Confidence & 
Mindset Coach For Women Who
Are Ready To Take Their Life To
The Next Level.

I want you to get to know me and what my coaching is all about. If you are looking for someone to help you up level your life, I'm here for you!

ready to create the life you want that aligns with your goals and dreams?

I’m here to help make this journey simple, meaningful, and worth every step along the way. Let’s do this!

Nearing the end of my teaching career, I knew I had so much more to give and offer others. After working with a life coach myself and getting crystal clear on my desires, life coaching was the obvious next step.

My entire life, I’ve had a passion for personal development and growth. If there was a book, a program, a course, or podcast to help me grow and evolve as a person, I was in! My growth from having a challenging childhood to living the life I have today - is truly built from the belief that you can absolutely create the life you desire. I’m proof of this!


More About Me

You are the author of your own life. Yes, there are (most likely) obstacles and beliefs that may be holding you back. But with the power of coaching, we will work together to guide you in overcoming these obstacles and building new, empowering beliefs. You can then create a clear plan for where you want to go in life and the action plan to get you there.

This process works. And I’m committed to coaching you through to your goal.

I absolutely love cute coffee shops with character and charm. And meaningful conversations with friends.

My big, wonderful blended family is my absolute favorite blessing!

I have a huge passion for traveling the world and seeing beautiful  places. We’re always ready for our next adventure!

My hubby. Brian is my true love, my rock, and the one who makes me laugh daily.

All things natural living. Whether it’s essential oils, plants, working out, meditation - if it’s good for you and  holistic, you name it, I’m into it!

next thing I love

A few of my favorite things

+ I am committed to guiding you every step of the way.

+ I am committed to holding you accountable with love and compassion.

+ I am committed to believing in you as you build your belief in yourself!

If you’re ready for true and lasting change, then coaching can get you there. The life you want is ready for you - you just need to take the next right step now!

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